Project Management:
The Project Manager / Project Coordinator Teams interact directly with everyone involved in a project, from Baring staff to general contractors, clients to tradesmen.
Single point contact
Document review
On-site requirements
Coordinate installations

The engineering team looks at each and every item involved in a project, ensuring that all facets work together effectively. Our drawings are produced in-house on AutoCAD-compatible Microstation CAD by our team of in-house CAD operators. We guarantee the accuracy and completeness of our drawings.
Foodservice plan Plumbing
Utility schedule Refrigeration / Ventilation
Architectural Electrical
Special conditions Construction details

In addition to the standard role of a purchasing department, our purchasing department also participates in the coordination process.
Drawing comparison
Purchasing: buy-outs and fabricated equipment
Warehousing arrangement
Delivery scheduling

The installation phase is handled by the Project Management team. The team coordinates equipment delivery from a local consolidation warehouse to the venues as they become ready. Baring has in-house installation crews and also utilizes numerous proven local and national installation companies.

Custom software and computer programming
Reproduction department
Technical Service department
Accounting department

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