The Key Component of A Successful Kitchen Build

The beginning of a new commercial kitchen build is an exciting time and there are many components involved. Baring Industries has identified a key component that sets us apart, and that is our project review process. We take great pride in our project reviews because we know it can eliminate potential faults prior to the construction phase. A thorough project review can be a lengthy process that requires diligence and patience, but has been proven to save time and money.   


The first step in our project review is to collect all of the documents, such as the foodservice written specifications, utility schedule, floor plans, rough in drawings, and elevations from the consultant. We also take the time to obtain the project architectural and MEP drawings (mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and ventilation) for comparison. It is important to cross-reference and compare all of the documents included in the project one section at a time to weed out any conflicts and resolve them in advance. This step also helps us note exactly what features and accessories will be purchased with the kitchen equipment.


While reviewing all of the documents, we are able to develop a list of questions to address with the consultants or general contractors for clarification and documentation. This increases the confidence of everyone involved in the project because it ensures all of the details have been considered and allows us to have a smooth installation of the kitchen equipment. 


Baring Industries is enthusiastic about our work and we’re always looking to benefit the entire team with our project review process. We believe it builds relationships and credibility, while also making everyone involved more efficient. Taking the time and effort needed for a thorough review is really what sets Baring apart from all other dealers in the foodservice equipment industry. Contact us today to learn more!