We are the best foodservice equipment contractor providing commercial and institutional kitchens throughout North America and the Caribbean. We deliver exceptional results with an attention to detail unsurpassed in the industry. Our extensive process includes a full project review during which all project team members become intimately familiar with every parameter of the scope of the work and the equipment to be installed.

In business since 1961, Baring is recognized by consultants, general contractors, owners and foodservice equipment manufacturers as the premier foodservice equipment contractor in the business. Visit our "Project List" page for a summary of recent projects.



Foodservice equipment contracting has undergone tremendous change since we completed our first installation more than fifty-five years ago. Remaining true to our commitment to provide the highest quality services, we invest heavily in emerging technologies while continuing to rely on the human touch and personalized service to successfully manage and execute all aspects of a foodservice project.


There is nothing typical about a commercial or institutional kitchen especially considering that it is one of the most utility and special condition intensive areas of a building. Commercial and institutional kitchens commonly require more electrical, mechanical, plumbing and more wall/slab/structure requirements than any other area of a building. Although some may consider foodservice equipment a commodity, the services required to properly estimate, project manage, engineer and install a commercial or institutional kitchen are anything but simple or common. Decades of experience and the drive to be the best at what we do has led to the development of the processes and skills necessary to execute the complex and time-sensitive requirements of our trade.

Baring associates are capable, committed and endeavor to deliver the highest quality services in our industry.


Baring Industries’ intensive process begins in the budget or estimating phase of a project. Our preconstruction teams start by identifying the equipment and scope of a project. Conflicts and scope challenges are identified and resolved with the client. Project estimator specialists fine-tune the equipment requirements and develop highly detailed documents that include labor, materials, logistics, timing and other subsidiary elements of a project. Baring enjoys strong relationships with major manufacturers and works with a network of skilled installers to get competitive pricing required to efficiently deliver quality equipment and service to our clients.


Baring Industries’ long-utilized project management process serves as the foundational linchpin for the company’s reputation as being the pre-eminent source for commercial and institutional kitchens. Project management teams perform an in-depth project review resolving conflicts in the documents, closing scope gaps and establishing a cohesive intimacy with the project. The project review is a comprehensive examination of relevant documents setting the stage for a smooth work-flow.

Each of our project management teams are dedicated to the project from the time of award through turn-over, including the warranty period. In addition, the team structure is designed to ensure that full support is available to our client at all times.


Baring’s engineering is unparalleled in the foodservice equipment industry. With more than eighty combined years of experience, Baring’s engineering associates have detailed knowledge of foodservice equipment including highly complex engineered systems. We start with a “clean screen” and import the latest architectural and structural backgrounds and manufacturer/model specific equipment symbols and models. Special care is taken to ensure that equipment is drawn according to each manufacturer’s specification sheet or shop drawing and includes the proper electrical, plumbing, mechanical services and special building conditions required for the equipment to be installed, connected and functionally operate.


The progression through estimating, project management and engineering all set the stage for a smooth installation phase of a project. Early in the process, our project management team will present and work through a matrix of responsibilities that clearly reviews the scope each trade is responsible for, that may have been overlooked, minimizing or eliminating potential finger pointing and delays. Throughout the installation, the project management team provides oversight and ongoing guidance while monitoring progress until the kitchen is ready to be commissioned and begin operation. Properly managing the installation results in the coordinated effort that our client and all trades benefit from.

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