Welcome To The Baring Blog

Welcome to our new website, home to all relevant information about Baring Industries and our new division, Baring Foodservice Equipment Company.

For those of you unfamiliar with Baring Industries and what we do, simply put, “we build kitchens.”  And not just any kitchens, but some of the most sophisticated and highly efficient commercial kitchens across North America and the Caribbean. To learn more about Baring Industries, please visit our About Us and What We Do pages.


With a focus on people, Baring Industries is committed to ensuring absolute customer and client satisfaction. We understand the importance of staying up-to-date with today’s emerging technologies to maintain a personal connection with our clients, and that is why we are writing to you today. We decided it was time to refresh our website and make it easy for clients to reach us and connect with us. Our new website is interactive and mobile-friendly, and we will be updating it on a regular basis along with our new blog.  

We are starting this blog to share our experiences in the industry and to let our readers know why we are the best at what we do. We will be interviewing Project Managers and writing about different situations and issues they’ve experienced in the industry, and how Baring was able to overcome these obstacles. 

Along with our new website and blog, we will also be posting information on our social media pages. Feel free to follow and like us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to see all of the great content we will be sharing.   


In addition to our new website, we have also created a new division, Baring Foodservice Equipment Company. With our commitment to client satisfaction, we realized there was a need for a premier foodservice dealer in the smaller project market. This is why we decided to enter the market and provide smaller restaurants with the high-quality equipment Baring Industries procures for its larger clients.

Baring Foodservice Equipment Company offers project management, engineering review and installation services resulting in invaluable guidance and highly competitive sales. While the new division’s offerings may not be as comprehensive, its delivery is conducted with the same attention to detail and commitment to quality.


We trust that this introductory blog posting has been informative. We would like to provide the products and services you want and need for your business and welcome your feedback. Please feel free to utilize this platform as an opportunity to tell us what areas in the foodservice equipment industry you would like to know more about. You can contact us and share your thoughts by filling out our easy online form.